Accordions and Life

I’m sitting in my cotaught Junior English Class while all the students are setting up their own blogs.  Mr. Logan, my partner teacher is the true techie, so I must follow his lead.  I try to assist the students but I usually have to defer to Mr. Logan, but I’m learning!!!

My recent thoughts having been drifting to accordion music therapy and maybe an accordion aerobic work-out.  My thesis being that the accordion can serve multiple purposes in life.  I’m visualizing my first accordion work-out book with different poses and movements. Maybe accordion yoga would do!  If I can incorporate my accordion into my daily work-out, I can have more time with my beloved instrument.

Music Therapy and Therapeutic Music are areas I’m exploring for the future.  I contacted some organizations about additional training.  I listed the instruments I play which include piano, double bass, cello, accordion and guitar.  Since most of the musicians in Therapeutic Music are harpists, my preconceived notion is that they have  some preconceived notions as to what instruments are appropriate for meditation. My guess is that accordion would not come to their minds. The first reply I received from one of the trainers said that the most appropriate instrument of the ones I listed would probably be the cello.  “Kachink”, I predicted that.   Another person replied that they did know of ONE accordion player who was a therapeutic musician and he lived in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, I live in Arkansas. Maybe I was wrong about my prediction after all.  There is one accordion player recognized as a therapeutic musician. 

Not all my blogs will be explicitly about accordions, but the motif will remain the same.

Signing off to do more academic things!!!

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